Google’s New “Meter” Live Wallpaper Shows You Battery Stats, Notifications

Google’s New “Meter” Live Wallpaper Shows You Battery Stats, Notifications

You usually change wallpapers on your phone for aesthetics’ sake. But Google Creative Labs has developed a new live wallpaper that actually has a purpose other than looking pretty on your display.

Google’s app is called Meter and is available for download from the Google Play Store for free as we speak. Meter uses all kinds of geometric shapes and forms in order to display your device’s battery life, network signal strength and notifications.

What’s more, you can even move the images around the display by tilting or moving your handset. Which is pretty neat.

At this point you’re probably thinking, don’t live wallpaper apps have the bad reputation of draining battery life? Yes, sure, but Meter actually offers something in return for the reduction. We also feel that the drainage is not that big, since the app is pretty minimalist.

Since the app is part of the Google Experiments project, there’s no guarantee it will lay there waiting around for you forever. So if you think Meter is worth trying, you better head on to the Google Play Store and download it as we speak.

Back in August, Google Creative Labs released three new experimental apps in the Google Play Store. One of them was called Landmarker and was designed with an aim to turn your orientation into an interface by showing major destinations around you.

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