FIFA 16 Goals of the Week Features a Long-Range Wonder from Ozil

FIFA 16 Goals of the Week Features a Long-Range Wonder from Ozil

The development team at EA Sports is offering a new Goals of the Week video linked to FIFA 16, allowing gamers to see a number of impressive moments that gamers were able to create using the mechanics of the football simulation.

The soundtrack for the footage is provided by Distraction from Slaptop and gamers will be able to see an overhead kick from Montero and a solid long-range effort from Mesut Ozil from Arsenal.

Many gamers have criticized the new FIFA 16 for the fact that it slows down the action and focuses more on the midfield rather than on fast attacking moves and shots on goal.

The Goals of the Week deliveries are designed to show the fan community the spectacle that the title can deliver.

EA Sports also delivers a wide range of tutorials for the simulation, which can teach players how to unlock defenses and how they can create impressive goals with their strikers.

Recently the development team also delivered an FIFA 16 title update on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, with a focus on fixes for both the Ultimate Team and the general gameplay.

The company says it continues to track data from general matches and feedback delivered by the fans in order to understand how it can improve the overall experience in the coming months.
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