ZTE’s Axon Mini Is First Smartphone to Come with Force Touch, Even Before the iPhone 6s

ZTE’s Axon Mini Is First Smartphone to Come with Force Touch, Even Before the iPhone 6s

After launching its newest Axon flagship smartphone in the United States last week, Chinese phone maker ZTE has also taken the opportunity to unveil a variant of the top-tier handset which has been especially tailored for the Chinese market, called the Axon Lux.

And during the launch event, ZTE also showcased the upcoming Axon Mini smartphone. While not many details were provided about the handset, Gizmo China managed to get hold of some pieces of information related to it. Like the fact that the Axon Mini is apparently the first handset to arrive with force touch technology.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Apple also uses it in its Watch wearable and we’ve also heard rumors that the company’s next-gen iPhones will have displays taking advantage of the technology.

Cupertino is poised to unveil new iPhone models in September, so apparently, ZTE has just beaten Apple to the punch by unveiling the first handset with force touch technology.
ZTE will probably call the system by some other name

While Force Touch is the name given by Apple to the technology, ZTE might end up calling it something else. Anyway, we’re not given a lot of information about the upcoming device except for the fact that it will make a debut with a 5.2-inch display.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term force touch, we’ll clear it out for you. This is a system embedded into the display that senses the level of force extended on it and responds accordingly.

By virtue of tiny electrodes, force touch is capable of distinguishing between taps and harder presses, and then provides a specific action or specific controls, based on the force of the input.

For example, on the Apple Watch, the technology is capable of delivering additional functionality such as providing alternate controls in apps like Messages or Music when the user presses firmly on the display.

Going back to the Axon Mini, we can also tell you that ZTE plans to offer it in four different colors, including silver, gold, orange, and pink. The company should make the handset official sometime in September
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