Lumia 520 Remains the Top Windows Phone Device Worldwide

Lumia 520 Remains the Top Windows Phone Device Worldwide

Microsoft wants to continue the mobile fight with three different phone categories, namely value, business, and high-end, but according to statistics provided by AdDuplex, low-end devices are still the most popular in the Windows Phone lineup.

Right now, Lumia 520 is number one with a share of 18.1 percent, followed by Lumia 630 with 9.8 percent. Lumia 535 comes third with 8.3 percent.

Market-wise, Lumia 635 is the top Windows Phone device in the United States with 32.5 percent, while Lumia 521 comes second with 9.4 percent. Lumia 1520 is the flagship that shows up in Windows Phone charts in the US with 3.0 percent.

The same charts are valid for pretty much all the other markets, with low-end devices still topping the rankings, while flagships are almost nowhere to be seen.

The good thing, on the other hand, is that Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL are rapidly gaining ground, and in India, for example, the phablet has 3.0 percent of the WP business.

That’s going to change with Windows 10 Mobile, when Microsoft is finally putting the focus on high-end phones, as at least two flagship devices are expected to arrive. While Microsoft is yet to disclose any details about these high-end handsets, it’s believe that they will arrive in October, together with the new mobile OS.

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