iPhone 6s Front Panel Leaks, Looks Extremely Similar to iPhone 6

iPhone 6s Front Panel Leaks, Looks Extremely Similar to iPhone 6

Apple is prepping new iPhone models, due to be released in September, and that’s a very well-known fact. Since the launch date is approaching, more and more details about the upcoming devices have started to pop up online.

Earlier this month, photographs of what appeared to be iPhone 6s’ external casing surfaced on the web. The imagery showed that Apple would preserve most of the exterior design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus.

And this week, we get to look at what appears to be the front panel of the upcoming iPhone 6s, in some photos that were shared by French website Nowhereelse and which are included in the gallery below.

The source of this leak also says that the next-gen iPhone parts are currently in production and ready to be shipped to the iPhone 6s assembly lines.

Once again, the iPhone 6s isn’t expected to boast any major design changes, so the frontal panels said to belong to the iPhone 6s basically look identical to the ones for iPhone 6 units.
Sapphire glass is still unconfirmed for the iPhone 6s

Sadly, the source talking to the French website couldn’t confirm whether the panel would end up including sapphire crystal or Force Touch support, although the later scenario has been heavily rumored in the media.

Info suggesting that Apple’s next-gen iPhones might finally get the sapphire crystal treatment have been quite sporadic. The latest indicated that only the iPhone 6s Plus might be receiving this treatment.

If we are to believe the rumor mill, the iPhone 6s is expected to arrive with a 4.7-inch display with an advanced 1080p resolution. Naturally, the iPhone 6s Plus will don a 5.5-inch screen with upgraded resolution as well (QHD this time).

The handset duo is supposed to be fueled by Apple’s next-gen A9 processor, which is expected to be made by Samsung. Furthermore, this year, Cupertino will throw in 2GB of RAM and an improved 12MP main camera.

To prevent another #bendgate scandal, the company will utilize the new Series 7000 aluminum standard on the new phones. This is an aircraft grade material that is 60% more resistant than the current metal standard.

As you can see, this year, we should expect Apple to make subtle but important changes that will provide improved strength, durability and performance.

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