Lenovo Considering a Motorola Windows Phone Only “If It Makes Sense” (and It Doesn't)

Lenovo Considering a Motorola Windows Phone Only “If It Makes Sense” (and It Doesn't)

There have been some rumors earlier this summer that Lenovo might launch a Windows Phone through its now owned Motorola brand.

The Chinese company will certainly bring a mid-range Windows Phone handset on the market in the coming months, but it will be made under Lenovo's brand, or at least that's what Microsoft announced last month.

However, it appears that Lenovo is not that interested in getting a Motorola-branded Windows Phone handset out anytime soon and the reason might be Microsoft's recent push to bring some of it most treasured apps and services on Android.

As WMPU reports, Lenovo's Vice President and General Manager for Northern Europe, David McQuarrie, said in an interview for UK publication V3 that “there is an ongoing evaluation of what platforms we should be offering.

“We are a huge Microsoft partner on PCs, tablets and servers, and we continue to evaluate the ecosystem. If it makes sense, you could potentially see a Windows phone from us.”
Microsoft's cross-platform policy allows Android devices to offer similar business solutions

Unfortunately for Windows Phone fans, the fact that Microsoft released its Office apps on the Android platform made it easier for handset makers to integrate Android devices into Microsoft's ecosystem.

According to McQuarrie, his company does not need to launch a Windows Phone in order to offer customers business solutions like Microsoft's Office apps since these are now available on Android as well.

“I use an Android phone and a Windows laptop and now I can open all my Office documents on my phone in a Microsoft app. The fact that it isn’t a Windows Phone is irrelevant, so the move by Microsoft has made it far easier for us to sell a combined solution to business,” claims McQuarrie.

That being said, we can still see a high-end Windows Phone handset made by Motorola in the future, but for now it looks like Lenovo does not consider it necessary anymore.

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