OnePlus One Ubuntu Touch Port Now Has Proper Grid Size

OnePlus One Ubuntu Touch Port Now Has Proper Grid Size

The OnePlus One Ubuntu Touch port has been getting a lot of attention after its developer revealed that he got the cellular for it. Now, he also managed to fix the grid size.

Ubuntu Touch has been ported to lot of phones, but very few developers managed to get past some of the problems with Wi-fi or cellular networks drivers. Besides the Nexus 5 port, the OnePlus One project is probably the most advanced right now. Also, the fact that this particular phone has a very active and dedicated community helped a lot.

Just a few days ago, the developer of the OnePlus One Ubuntu Touch port made a lot of people happy by announcing the fact that the phone now has support for cellular networks, a hurdle very difficult to overcome. The users of this phone can now hope that the rest of the components that are not working, meaning headphones, Bluetooth, and camera, will soon be fixed.
OnePlus One Ubuntu Touch now has proper grid size

Some of the more attentive users noticed that the grid size was off, but the developer was quick to fix that problem, and he already pushed the new update to all the supported branches.

"I updated the gird size to correct size, and pushed it (+ cellular update) to all branches (stable, rc and devel)," wrote Marius Gripsgard on the official forums.

What's also interesting is that the same developer is also working on the OnePlus 2, but that project hasn't been updated just yet. If successful, OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 will be the first phones with Ubuntu Touch, with full functions, from the community, along Nexus 5. It's also quite possible that other developers will be able to port their favorite devices to Ubuntu, thus increasing the reach and user base of this operating system.

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