New Windows 10 Build for PCs Not Yet Ready

New Windows 10 Build for PCs Not Yet Ready

#windows The wait for fresh Windows 10 builds is getting increasingly painful every day for more and more insiders, especially because Microsoft needs extra time to complete development of new versions for both PCs and mobile.

Originally, Microsoft promised to release new Windows 10 builds after the October 6 event, so everyone expected them to go live sometime this week, but as Gabriel Aul, the head of the Insider program, has recently said, the mobile version has an important bug that takes more time to fix.

But what about the PC version? According to Aul, the next release candidate isn't even tested in the internal ring, so it's hard to believe that it can reach the fast public ring today (and probably in the next few days).
Internal tests before public release

Usually, Microsoft tests every new build internally in its own rings before releasing it to users, so at least a few days are needed to complete this. In other words, the PC version might come a few days after the mobile one, which is already being tested internally, but timing information is not yet available.

Chances are that the PC version might be ready sometime next week, but Microsoft might push it back for a few more days in order to collect feedback on the mobile version, also expected to go live in a few days.

Microsoft focuses a little bit more on the mobile version these days because the operating system should be finalized by December, the month when all Windows Phone devices should get the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

More builds could be released in the coming weeks as well, but again, it all depends on how well the development process goes and the number of bugs that are discovered in the meantime. With a little luck, both PCs and mobiles should get new builds in a couple of weeks.
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