Meizu Pro 5 Delayed for 6 Days Due to Flood, $1.5 Million Offered in Compensation to Buyers

Meizu Pro 5 Delayed for 6 Days Due to Flood, $1.5 Million Offered in Compensation to Buyers

There is some good and some bad news for Meizu fans who bought the Pro 5 flagship smartphone recently. It looks like previous rumors claiming the device will be delayed until November were totally inaccurate.

According to a new report, Meizu has already issued an official statement which confirms the Pro 5 will only be delayed for 6 days, which means the smartphone might still ship this month.

The reasons for this delay are explained by Meizu in this statement, though we can't confirm whether they are true or not.

So, according to the Chinese company, Meizu Pro 5 has been delayed for 6 days due to a flood at the Guandong factory, which caused issues in the shipping process.

However, rumors say that the real reason behind this small delay is the issue the Meizu Pro 5 has with the NFC (Near Field Communication) cover.
The real reason of the delay might not be the flood

These is the bad news, but the customers who already pre-ordered the Pro 5 will be pleased to know that they will be compensated for this delay.

According to the statement issued by Meizu, all customers regardless of which version of Pro 5 they have ordered will receive an accident insurance of CNY 199 ($31 / €27.5) for free.

In addition, customers who pre-ordered the 32GB model of Pro 5 will also receive a free headset worth CNY 129 ($20 / €18) for free.

Last but not least, customers that purchased the 64GB variant will be getting the free headset mentioned earlier, as well as Flyme coupons worth of CNY 129 ($20 / €18).

These compensations that Meizu plans to offer customers who pre-ordered the Pro 5 will cost the Chinese company no less than $1.5 million, which is quite a lot considering we're talking about a 6-day delay.

That being said, Meizu Pro 5 will now start shipping on October 18, instead of October 12 as previously stated by the Chinese company.

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