Leonardo DiCaprio Is Engaged to Model Kelly Rohrbach

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Engaged to Model Kelly Rohrbach

#LeonardoDiCaprio doesn’t like to talk much about his personal life and he’s definitely against the idea of using it to promote his movies. He says it’s because it would shatter the illusion he tries to create with his characters, but chances are it’s also because he doesn’t want to invite too much scrutiny into his love life.

Leo is what you could call a serial model dater. Even though he’s now 40, his girlfriends have stayed the same age, in the early 20s, and they never seem to linger around for more than a few months. A popular joke online is about how he picks them out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog based on a strict set of conditions: blonde, young, beautiful, bland.

Kelly Rohrbach is different, OK! Magazine says.
Leo and Kelly are engaged

She’s not just a pretty face, she’s also very smart and interesting, and seems to have earned a big place in the actor’s heart. In fact, OK! Magazine writes, he’s so taken with her that he proposed to her on a recent romantic dinner date, even though they’d only been dating for 4 months.

It happened at an Italian restaurant in NYC on September 26 and it was absolutely spontaneous, an insider says.

Leo got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, and the shock was so great that even she thought he was joking. He convinced her he was very serious and she agreed with a kiss, as per the same source.
Kelly is different

Assuming the report is true, Leo must really be in love. From what OK! Says, Kelly is the perfect woman.

“Kelly’s incredibly smart, and she really understands Leo,” the insider explains. “She shares his passion for tackling social issues like global warming and world poverty. They connect on an intellectual level, which is new for him. She’s much more than a pretty face.”

More importantly, she’s already met his mother and received her approval and blessing. DiCaprio is famously close to his mother, so if he did take Kelly to meet her after just 4 months, he must really be as in love and deliriously happy as this report makes him out to be.

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