Microsoft Launches Arrow Launcher Beta for Android

Microsoft Launches Arrow Launcher Beta for Android

After Nokia, Microsoft now wants to release a launcher application for Android devices. The new app is called Arrow Launcher and is now in beta testing, so Android users who want to participate in the program can join the community.

Even though the application hasn't been officially unveiled by Microsoft, those who want to try it out can register their interest on the app's Google+ community page and hope a moderator will give them access to the apk file.

Since Arrow Launcher hasn't been released in Google Play Store, it doesn't really have a list of features, but from what we have been able to learn, it's a pretty basic launcher application for the moment.

We believe Microsoft will only start to add new features once the beta program kicks off, so those who are accepted should expect pretty frequent updates in the coming weeks.

Once you install Arrow Launcher, you will notice that the icons for the system apps will be replaced, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
There are little customization options for the moment

The launcher divides the screen into three categories: recent apps, frequently used apps, and quick access apps. The latter can be pre-defined by the user, so you can quickly access some of the apps that you have installed on your Android device.

If you swipe up from the last category containing quick access apps pre-defined by the user, more apps will be revealed, folders, as well as recent contacts. These are automatically chosen by the launcher, so the space doesn't remain blank.

You can swipe left and right to get to more Arrow Launcher pages. To the left, there are a number of shortcuts to recent and frequently used contacts, while to the right there's a to-do list with option to add reminders.

Overall, Microsoft's Arrow Launcher looks very much like the Android M's Google Now launcher, but since this is a beta, we expect more features to be added in the coming months.

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