Download SMS Text Messaging & Group MMS for Android

Download SMS Text Messaging & Group MMS for Android

Download SMS Text Messaging & Group MMS for Android

SMS Text Messaging done easier, faster, & better!

SMS & MMS from your PC, Mac, or Tablet without touching your Android phone.

Named one of Time Magazine's "Best 50 Android Apps"

MightyText - The best free online SMS message app to send, receive & manage SMS text, MMS picture, and group text messages on your PC, Mac, or Android Tablet

Save time; Increase productivity. Don't check your phone for every SMS text or other notification. See who's texting & send free SMS from your computer. Our webapp lets you send free text or picture messages from your PC/Mac

Great for online texting when busy working or in meetings. Manage SMS texts, MMS & see caller id without looking at your phone. Turn off SMS notifications during presentations. Text meeting updates before leaving your desk. Great for realtors, dispatchers, and other businesses to send quick, professional messages to colleagues & clients

Students who love messaging & group texting. Text online while in class taking notes on your laptop. Send sms messages & text free.

Send free SMS, MMS Picture Messages, & Group MMS Messages from your PC or tablet! Messages stay in sync with your phone's SMS app. Turn your computer into a free SMS texting app - many people call it "iMessage for Android"

★ Text message from your PC/Mac sync’d with your Android phone number (real SMS messages)
★ SMS/MMS From Any Device: Send & receive SMS texts or group MMS messages from your computer or tablet. Messages stay in sync with your phone's SMS inbox. Works with your existing text app
★ Text free from Gmail on your PC: SMS, MMS, & Group Messaging right from Gmail or Facebook on your computer (Chrome)
★ Send Picture Messages (MMS) from Windows PC or Mac. Integrate your desktop with your phone's MMS Photo Messaging
★ 100% Free Text We have no additional charges - text free from your PC/Mac if you have unlimited texting
★ Schedule SMS, MMS, Group Text Messages
★ Text Online: Internet Text Messages go from PC, Mac, or Tablet App & sync to your phone's SMS text app

Note: MightyText is meant to send online texts on your Computer or Tablet. It works with your phone's SMS Text Messaging app. People you text don't need MightyText. They get your MMS & SMS text messages in their SMS texting app
★ Our free online texting apps: WebApp, Desktop, Chrome Ext (for Notifications) & SMS from Gmail Chrome Ext

MightyText is for more than free text messages. Awesome PC/Mac features beyond SMS messaging
★ Phone Battery Alerts: Know your phone's battery level on your computer/tablet
★ Phone Notifications on your laptop: Not just SMS/MMS notifs! Get notifs from apps like Snapchat & Uber - on your computer. Dismiss them from your PC/Mac too
★ Phone Calls: See who's calling you on your computer/tablet. Missed calls & incoming calls stored to an online Call Log
★ Contact Lists: Bulk SMS text messages to 25 contacts at once. Send as one group MMS message or separate SMS texts
★ Free SMS Backup & Restore: Backup sms messages & picture messages, and restore to another device
★ Photo & video syncing: Instantly & securely store photos & videos to your computer. Easy 1-click photo sharing. Sync photos you take on your phone, as well as MMS Picture Messages
★ More than iMessage: If you've used iMessage, MightyText is more than a free online text & MMS app. MightyText securely connects to your phone via the internet

Skip your phone for SMS, use MightyText for free text online
★ Group Online Texting (Group MMS Messaging & SMS text from PC)
★ Online Text messages sync w/your phone's SMS inbox (use your existing texting app)
★ Text Online free (SMS) w/unlimited texting plans
★ Sync & backup phone's texts, MMS, photos/videos

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