Download Mirror Photo : Editor & Collage for Android

Download Mirror Photo:Editor&Collage for Android

Download Mirror Photo : Editor & Collage for Android

Mirror Photo allows you to create mirror reflection effect for your photo. With photo mirror, you can create many left-right, up-down, repeat, reflection style of photos. Plus, you can apply many popular photo effects and frames to the mirror photo. Then you can also mix several photos together, that's photo collage, which allows you to merge up to 10 photos together! Mirror photo is an easy-to-use and powerful photo editor and photo collage!

Mirror Photo features:
★ Choose photo from gallery or capture by Camera, to create mirror effects.
★ Left right mirror, up down mirror, repeat 4, reflect 4 reflections, totally 17 mirror effects.
★ More then 30 photo filters and around 50 frames.
★ Randomly apply mirror effect, filter effect and frames together to create amazing photos.
★ Touch to move the photo to adjust the mirror effect.
★ After mirror, you can use photo collage function: more than 100 Grids and 50+ Splits Templates!
★ Free style photo collage.
★ Adjust photo editor: adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation and vignette.
★ Support text overlay in your local language.
★ Support sticker overlays, there are 80 emotions icons in different colors.
★ Photo shapes blending: blend photos with different kinds of shapes.
★ Collage camera, to selfie for collage photo in real time with effects and frames.
★ Share the photo on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

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