The Cool Calm Mom

The Cool Calm Mom
The Cool Calm Mom

The Cool Calm Mom - The Cool Calm Special Needs Mom was inspired by the fact that most moms with Special Needs Children would like to be one...

But it is a lot easier said than done!

Raising a child with special needs comes with extreme challenges, and there are days that we start to question how we're managing our children, home life and marriage.

Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs and in the world (and most rewarding) but there are times we wonder just how well are we really coping?

While this eBook is certainly not a 'child raising bible', it does give moms many tips and ideas on how to handle everyday obstacles in raising children and gives us the confidence to get up and keep going.

Many are common sense ideas that we sometimes lose sight of in the thick of a trying time. Reading them can be the medicine we need to keep it together and get through another day without any major meltdowns!

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Inside this eBook will find tips on the following:

    Quality Time with your child
    Parental Competitiveness
    Kids Need Boundaries!
    Be Consistent
    Model saying Sorry
    Encourage Sibling Bonding
    Needing a Break is OK
    Allow Your Kids to Take some Calculated Risks

And much, much more.....

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