H1Z1 Gets Rid of Cheaters with Massive Ban Wave

H1Z1 Gets Rid of Cheaters with Massive Ban Wave

Daybreak Game Company has announced that a massive ban wave hit their Early Access zombie survival title H1Z1 over the weekend.

Cheating is generally considered in poor taste in multiplayer games, and as such, video game developers do their best to curb the behavior.

After Blizzard Entertainment banned over 100k accounts for using bots that would enable them to farm stuff while away from the keyboard, it's time for people caught cheating in H1Z1 to get what's coming to them.

Daybreak (formerly known as Sony Online Studios) President John Smedley has revealed the news via Twitter, urging ESP users to keep using the tool, should they dare.

H1Z1 is currently only available on PC, on Steam's Early Access program, but it's already selling like crazy, just like Bohemia Interactive's DayZ.

H1Z1 aims to offer players a vast sandbox to toy around with, including extensive crafting options and a ton of survival mechanics. While the zombie particle is usually meant to denote the antagonists in such a game, we all know that the real enemies are the other people you meet online.

This is precisely the reason Daybreak is stomping down on those who would affect the experience of other players, in order to ensure that everyone gets a level playing field.
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