Download vlkGPS

Download vlkGPS

Download vlkGPS

Download vlkGPS -
simple GPS navigation for java phones (J2ME)
best for GEOCACHING, walking, bicycle, sport, ...
Now supports internal GPS (JSR 179)

current version
vlkGPS 0.9.7

coordinates (current or cursor position)
zoom scale (10m - 10 000km)
compass and satellites view
waypoints (symbol and name)
navigate to waypoint info (azimuth, distance and name)
satellite time
last track + elevation and altitude profile


listing (sort by distance from cursor)
searching by keyword
editing name and identifier
editing coordinates (entering coordinates is possible in some formats)
editing altitude, proximity
editing description, city, country
changing symbol
text format (bold, big) and color
go to waypoint (move cursor to waypoint)
navigate to waypoint
export waypoint or all waypoints to bluetooth, phone memory, or to memory card in .csv,.gpx, .kml, .loc format
import from phone memory and memory card in .csv file format


exporting to bluetooth (obex), phone memory, or to memory card in .csv, .gpx, .kml format
setting "compression" of saved track

other features:

support for touchscreen
units change: coordinates (D, DM, DMS), distance (m, km, mi, nm), height (m, km, ft), speed (km/h, m/s, mph, kt)
localization (EN, SK, CZ, FR, DE)
color scheme for DAY and NIGHT
enables to set backlight AUTO OFF or ALWAYS ON
search connect and disconnect Bluetooth GPS device


Free and not limited

vlkGPS is a simple GPS program for mobile phones. It was developed by vlk between 2006-2008 Portree Kid 2009-2010
page created by VLK (c) 2005

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