Download PDFCrop

Download PDFCrop

Download PDFCrop

Download PDFCrop - blems because letter size paper is 8.5in. x 11in, while A4 size paper is 8.27in x 11.7in.

PDFCrop solves these problems by removing the white margins and rescaling the pages to fit the user's desired paper size.

Cool! How do get PDFCrop?

Easy. You download it from SourceForge.

How do I install PDFCrop?

PDFCrop depends on ghostscript and PDFedit.

Assuming that you have already installed these packages, then simply make sure the file "pdfcrop" is executable (i.e.: chmod 755 pdfcrop) and copy it to a directory in your $PATH. For example: /home/eric/.bin/pdfcrop  Alternatively, you could (as root) copy it to /usr/local/bin/pdfcrop

In future work, I'll create a nice DEB package, so that it can be incorporated into distributions of GNU/Linux.

How do I use PDFCrop?

Open a console, cd to the directory where the PDF file is located and type:  pdfcrop infile.pdf letter outfile.pdf

That command will resize and rescale the pages of "infile.pdf" so that they fit on letter size paper. The new PDF file will, of course, be called "output.pdf"

What does PDFCrop do?

First, PDFCrop calls ghostscript to find the borders of the PDF's bounding box. Next, it determines the page orientation of each page of the PDF file. Finally, it calls PDFedit to crop and resize the pages.

PDFCrop should preserve the input file's fonts, bookmarks and hyperlinks when generating the output file.

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