Download Master FB Fanpage For Local Business

Download Master FB Fanpage For Local Business

Download Master FB Fanpage For Local Business
Download Master FB Fanpage For Local Business - Start Building Your List Of Hungry Prospects

Be Recognized You As The Leading Expert And The Only Person Who Can Help Your Hungry Prospects With Their Branding, Exposure, And Prospect Hunting On FaceBook!

FaceBook is an extremely popular social networking site and was originally set up in February 2004 for young people, specifically teenagers to connect with friends.

However, it has very quickly become a social networking site for people of all ages and in particular, online marketers.

For anyone who is in business either online or off, FaceBook has the potential to make you pots of money without putting in too much effort and with zero investment. If you are in business and you don't have a FaceBook account, you could be missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers.

There are many online marketers who are using FaceBook and have converted their businesses into huge success stories. These are the people who can make six figure incomes, in spite of working very few hours.

Although there have been many social networking communities that have come and gone over the years, FaceBook has emerged as a unique and exceptional concept. The user friendly interface of FaceBook and the tools provided make FaceBook the #1 choice of social networking sites for marketers and business owners alike.

Even if you have tried and given up on the FaceBook approach before, with this video course you will get the information that could earn you thousands of dollars every month.

None of what you will learn in this ecourse is difficult or impossible to do - you will just be making sure that your business is advertised on a wider scale and reach people that you may not have reached without the use of this popular social networking site.

Here's a quick run down of exactly what you get:

Module 1

Video#01 - Creating Facebook Pages For Your Clients Pt 1
Video#02 -  Creating Facebook Pages For Your Clients Pt 2
Video#03 -  Editing Your Facebook Page Settings Pt 1
Video#04 -  Editing Your Facebook Page Settings Pt 2
Video#05 -  Setting Up Admin Access To Your Page
Video#06 -  Adding Or Editing Your Cover Image
Video#07 -  Adding Or Editing Your Profile Image
Video#08 - Adding Apps To Your Facebook Page
Video#09 - Changing Facebook Page Tab Images
Video#10 - Swapping Facebook Page Tab Images
Video#11 - Removing Images From Your Account
Video#12 - Configuring Your Joined And Opened
Video#13 - Posting And Pinning Your Images
Video#14 - Posting Status Updates And Videos
Video#15 - Creating And Posting Special Offers
Video#16 - Creating And Highlighting Information
Video#17 - Creating New Events On Your Timeline
Video#18 - Creating New Timeline Milestones
Video#19 - Creating Interacting Content And Polls
Video#20 - Pinterest Invitation Offer
Video#21 - Pinterest PinIt ToolBar Add On
Video#22 - Social Media Marketing Tips
Video#23 - Timeline Updates Welcome
Video#24 -Timeline Updates For Tabs Overview
Video#25 - Timeline Updates GoodBye

Module 2
Video#01 - Facebook Pages Vs Facebook Tabs
Video#02 - Facebook Developer App Sign Up
Video#03 - Facebook Apps Editing Vs Creating
Video#04 - Facebook Page App Creation
Video#05 - Using Facebook Tab Manager
Video#06 - Adding Website Pages To Tabs
Video#07 - Brief Example Of Like Reveal - Pt 1
Video#08 - Brief Example Of Like Reveal - Pt 2
Video#09 - Using PHP HTML And CSS On Your Page
Video#10 - 210 Uploading Your PHP HTML And CSS Files
Video#11 - Adding Your HTML To Your FB Page
Video#12 - 212 Final Words About HTML Templates

This Includes:
2 Promo Videos
Documents in PDF, DOC Format
PSD Layered Source Graphics
Videos In AVI, MP4, MOV, Format
Videos In MP4 Format
Adobe Media Player (F4V) Videos
Individual Web Ready (MP4) Videos
Theater "All-In-One" Web Video Version
Audios In MP3 Format
64 Ecovers And Graphics
14 Ecover Boxes, 14 Lifted CDs, 14 DVD Box And CD Combo Shots, 14 DVD Boxes.

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 Master Resale Rights

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