Download Ghostscript fonts

Download Ghostscript fonts

Download Ghostscript fonts

Download Ghostscript fonts -

Fonts and font metrics customarily distributed with Ghostscript. Currently includes the 35 standard PostScript fonts and a grab-bag of others.About Ghostscript fonts

Ghostscript is distributed with two kinds of files related to fonts:

the fonts themselves in individual files, and
a file "Fontmap" that defines for Ghostscript which file represents which font.

Additionally, the file cidfmap can be used to create substitutes for CIDFonts referenced by name in Postscript and PDF jobs. See the section on CID Font Substitution for details. NOTE: care must be exercised since poor or incorrect output may result from inappropriate CIDFont substitution. We therefore strongly recommend embedding CIDFonts in your Postscript and PDF files if at all possible.

The "base 35" fonts required for Postscript (and "base 14" required for PDF) are Postscript Type 1 font files.

When Ghostscript needs a font, it must have some way to know where to look for it: that's the purpose of the Fontmap file, which associates the names of fonts such as /Times-Roman with the names of font files, such as n021003l.pfb. Fontmap can also create aliases for font names, so that for instance, /NimbusNo9L-Regu means the same font as /Times-Roman.

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